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President, Convention of States

Mark Meckler is the President of Convention of States Foundation & Convention of States Action (COSA). COSA has over 5 million supporters and activists, representing every state legislative district in the nation. Mark appears regularly on television, radio and online discussing the conservative grassroots perspective on political issues.

Before COSA, Mark was the Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots. He left the organization in 2012 to implement this constitutional solution to take power from DC and return it to the sovereign citizens of the states. Mark has a B.A. from SDSU and a law degree from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He practiced law for two decades.

From February 2021 to May 2021 Mark served as the Interim CEO at Parler to help bring the free speech social media company back online and equip it for a strong future. Meckler said, “It was an honor to serve in this capacity in the fight for free speech in America.”

Mark and Patty have been married more than 27 years, with one son who just completed his service with the Marine Corps and is now a second year law student, and a daughter who recently graduated from Hillsdale College, and works in education policy reform. They now spend their free time with their Great Dane at their Texas homestead.


The Convention of States organization boasts a grassroots network of over 5 million supporters and volunteers, representing every state legislative district in the nation. Its mission is to restore a culture of self-governance in America and to curtail federal overreach. COSA’s primary focus in accomplishing this mission is using a limited Article V Convention to propose constitutional amendments that impose limitations on the size and scope of the federal government, including a balanced budget requirement and term limits for federal officials. 

Prominent endorsers include Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Senator Rand Paul, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sean Hannity, Senator Ben Sasse, Dr. James Dobson, Pete Hegseth, and Gov. Mike Huckabee.



Americans Prefer Thanksgiving Dinner With Famed Podcaster Joe Rogan Over Dr. Fauci
Nov 23, 2021

Independents and Republicans Overwhelmingly Prefer Rogan as a Guest, While Most Democrats Would Prefer Dr. Fauci, Despite His Efforts to Limit Holiday Family Gatherings Read More

Majority of Americans Changing Holiday Plans Due to Rising Prices in Groceries and Gas
Nov 23, 2021

Independents and Republicans Strongly Impacted, While Democrats Show Little Impact Read More

Majority Believe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Will Hurt Economic Recovery
Nov 18, 2021

Democrats Say Biden Plan Will Help Economic Recovery, Independents and Republicans Say it Will Hurt Recovery Read More

Americans Reject $450k Payout to Illegal Immigrants, Want Border Closed Immediately
Oct 26, 2021

Americans Reject $450k Payout to Illegal Immigrants, Want Border Closed Immediately Read More

Poll: Let’s Go Brandon Movement Widespread and Popular
Oct 26, 2021

76 Percent of Those Familiar Support as Appropriate Way to Protest Read More

Poll: Voters Disapprove of AG Merrick Garland Directing FBI to Investigate Parents at School Board Meetings
Oct 21, 2021

74.2% of Voters Registering Opinion on Poll Oppose Garland’s Directing the FBI to Investigate Parents Attending School Board Meetings Read More

Poll: Majority of Voters Personally Experiencing Supply Chain Crisis
Oct 20, 2021

Majority of American Voters are Personally Experiencing Effect of Supply Chain Crisis Read More

Poll: Voters Say COVID-19 Less Serious, Yet Biden and Fauci Don’t Want Mandates to End
Oct 18, 2021

Majority of Americans believe pandemic is growing less serious in the U.S. Read More

Poll: Plurality of Americans Say Natural Immunity to COVID-19 Equal to Vaccine
Oct 15, 2021

Nearly Half of Americans Believe Natural Immunity to COVID-19 is Just as Effective as the Vaccines Read More

Poll: 75 Percent Grade VP Kamala Harris’ Management of Border Crisis as Failing
Oct 6, 2021

Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group—one of America’s most accurate pollsters in 2016, 2018 and 2020—is releasing the results of a new national survey Read More

Poll: Nearly Three-Quarters of American Voters Oppose $3.5 Trillion Biden Budget
Oct 4, 2021

Large Majority of Americans Oppose Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget because of tax increases and growth to national debt Read More

Poll: 65% Majority Say Americans Who Refuse Vaccine Should Not Lose Their Jobs
Sept 29, 2021

Vast, Bipartisan Majority of American Voters are Opposed to Vaccine Mandates for American Workers Read More

Poll: Majority of Republicans and Independents Say COVID Vaccine Not Necessary for Children
Sept 28, 2021

American Voters Skeptical of COVID-19 Vaccines for Children, Including Majority of Both Independents and Republicans Read More

POLL: Socialism in Education Most Upsetting National Issue, Majority Now Disapprove of Public Schools
Sept 15, 2021

Socialism Being Taught in Schools Tops List of Issues Most Upsetting to American Voters Read More

Poll: Voters Reject Biden Vaccine Mandate, Support Governors Stepping up to Block It
Sept 13, 2021

Strong Majorities of Independents, Republicans Oppose Biden Mandate, Believe it Creates Dangerous Precedent Which Could be Abused by Future Presidents Read More

Poll: Majority Believe Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan Makes Another 9/11 Highly Likely
Sept 9, 2021

Afghanistan Crisis has also Cast Shadow of Doubt Over the Biden Administration—a Majority Are Less Confident Biden can Lead America Overall Read More

POLL: Voters Reject Push for Employer Vaccine Mandates
August 25, 2021

Americans Are More Likely to Support Businesses that Don’t Require Employees to be Vaccinated Read More

POLL: Majority Not Optimistic About Future of America
August 19, 2021

Majority of Americans No Longer Optimistic About Future of America Read More

POLL: Nearly 70% Disapprove of Biden Handling of Afghanistan
August 16, 2021

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal Read More

POLL: Republicans Trust Governors and State Legislators to Fight for Them, While Democrats Trust Biden and Congressional Democrats
August 9, 2021

51.6% of Independents Trust Republicans at the State and National Level to Defend Their Rights Read More

POLL: Majority of GOP, IND Say Government Reporting on COVID Vaccine Effectiveness Biased, DEMS Disagree
August 5, 2021

72% of Republicans and 53% of Independents Lack Confidence that the Federal Government is Reporting Unbiased Information on Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines, While 65% of Democrats Are Confident in Government Information Read More

POLL: Americans Oppose Public Vaccine Shaming
August 4, 2021

78% of Republicans Say Public Figures Openly Criticizing Americans Who Aren’t Vaccinated Is Inappropriate, 61% of Independents and 40.5% of Democrats—A Plurality—Agree Read More

POLL: Over 80% of Americans Concerned about China’s Influence in USA
July 25, 2021

71% of Democrats, 92% of Republicans, and 79% of Independents Concerned about China’s Influence Over U.S. Government, Media, and Culture Read More

POLL: 72% of Americans Reject Vaccine Mandates in Favor of Personal Choice
July 21, 2021

87% of Republicans, 67% of Independents, and 59% of Democrats Say Taking COVID-19 Vaccine Should be a Personal Choice Read More

POLL: Majority Support Action at Public School Level to Combat Critical Race Theory
July 20, 2021

28% Overall Say Taking Kids out of Public Schools Most Effective Way to Oppose Critical Race Theory; 24% Support Taking Control of Local School Boards Read More

POLL: As Olympics Begin, Americans Express Pride and Patriotism in Flag
July 20, 2021

82% of American Say Pride or Patriotism Best Describes How They Feel About the American Flag Read More

POLL: 64% Not Confident Kamala Harris Ready to be President, Including 43% of Democrats
July 16, 2021

“Our last poll found that most Americans don’t believe Joe Biden is actually running the country, and today we’re learning voters think Kamala Harris’ tenure as Vice President has been... Read More

POLL: Majority of Americans Don’t Believe President Biden Fully Running the Country
July 2, 2021

57% of Americans Believe Joe Biden Not Fully Executing the Duties of the Office of the President, and that Others Are Actually in Charge—84% of Republicans, 58% of Independents, and 32% of Democrats Agree Read More

DC Leaders Ignoring Will of People, Americans Have Less Freedom, and Government Should Leave Citizens to Decide COVID-19 Delta Response
June 30, 2021

80% of Americans Say Leaders in Washington Either Do Not Consider or Only Somewhat Consider the Will of the People When Making Policy Decisions Read More

NEW POLL: Americans say Biden Border Crisis Driven by Politics
June 29, 2021

33% of Americans say Biden Halted Border Wall and Eased Border Security Measures to Reject Trump’s Policy Read More

NEW POLL: Majority Oppose Federal Election Reform Provisions Found in HR1, Democrats Closely Divided
June 17, 2021

54.8% of Americans say less likely to support HR1 due to unpopular provisions that end state voter ID laws and include public funding of political campaigns Read More

NEW POLL: Americans Blame Biden, Congress for Rising Inflation
June 15, 2021

Nearly 40% of Americans say Biden Responsible for Rising Inflation, 25% say Congress Read More

NEW POLL: Americans Reject COVID-19 as Naturally Occurring, Believe Virus Engineered in Chinese Lab
June 10, 2021

54% of all Americans say COVID-19 originated in Wuhan lab, 29% are still not sure, only 17% say naturally occurring Read More

NEW POLL: As Colonial Pipeline Takes Center Stage, Over 60% Strongly Support Pipelines
June 8, 2021

35.9% of American voters say pipelines are a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure and must be expanded and protected. Read More

NEW POLL: As FauciGate Unfolds, Parents Don’t Trust COVID-19 Guidance from Government
June 8, 2021

64% Say Parents Must Decide Whether Vaccination Should be Required for Children to Attend School Read More

NEW POLL: Confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci Plummets, Americans Ignoring DC Guidance on COVID-19
May 20, 2021

66% of GOP, 41% of IND, and 20% of DEM Say Confidence in Dr. Fauci has Decreased Read More

NEW POLL: ISRAEL CONFLICT GOP/IND Voters Blame Hamas and Allies; DEMS Blame Israel
May 19, 2021

Bipartisan support for Israel has been a hallmark of American politics for decades. Mainstream America continues to strongly support Israel, but these numbers reveal a shocking new trend among Democrats. Read More

NEW POLL: Majority of Americans Ignoring Washington, DC and Choosing to Make a Personal Decision About the End of the Pandemic and Returning to Normal Life
May 17, 2021

Only 26.4% of Voters Looking to the CDC/Federal Government for COVID-19 Direction According to New National Poll from Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group Read More

NEW POLL: GOP Voters Strongly Support Trump in ‘24, While Governor DeSantis Holds Wide Lead if Trump Bows Out
May 12, 2021

National Poll from Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group Offers Insights on Biden Approval, Trump 2024 Prospects, and GOP Preferences if Trump Doesn’t Run—Pro Trump Republicans Prefer DeSantis, Cruz While Anti-Trumpers Like Romney, Haley Read More



Polls: Majority of Americans Aren't Buying What Feds Sell
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, July 6, 2021

Americans are still Americans, and they aren’t buying what Biden and the Left are selling. That’s the conclusion we can draw from a series of eye-opening polls recently released by...Read More

The Fauci Wuhan Lab Scandal That Could Make Watergate Look Like a Blip, Bring Local Control
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, June 1, 2021

According to a recent poll from Convention of States Action and Trafalgar group, a significant percentage of voters in every political party say their confidence has dropped in...Read More

Poll: The American People Are Rejecting the Washington Establishment
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, May 19, 2021

When we launched the Tea Party movement in 2009, it was with the optimistic belief that we’d be able to root out the fake conservatives in the establishment wing of the...Read More

Bernie Sanders' Fantastic First 100 Days with President Biden in Office
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, Apr 27, 2021

Liberty-loving Americans will roll their eyes, and Republicans will blast the president on cable news. But one member of the audience will be watching happily, content in the knowledge that his first 100 days in...Read More

To Save Election Integrity, States Should Follow Texas' Lead
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, Mar 23, 2021

The right to vote, and the belief that your vote counts, is the bedrock of a free society. But if people do not believe an election will be conducted fairly, that their vote and their neighbor's vote will not carry the same weight, then people will not participate. Read More

HR-1: The Death of Democracy Act
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, Mar 10, 2021

The 2020 election was a disaster by almost any standard. Whether you supported Donald Trump or Joe Biden, the uncertainty and confusion following the presidential race threatened the stability of our system of government. Now, with the passage of H.R. 1, Democrats in... Read More

To Drain the Swamp, Stop Playing By Its Rules
By Mark Meckler - Newsmax, Mar 3, 2021

It’s time to acknowledge that draining The Swamp, or reforming the federal government, is a fool’s errand if we rely on national politicians. Read More





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Physicians for COS

The diagnosis is clear.

We have a growing cancer today known as the Obamacare. As a result physicians are no longer free to practice medicine.

No profession feels the full force of the federal government more than physicians. The medical profession is the most highly regulated profession in the United States. The practice of medicine is controlled, taxed, and regulated to the point of being destroyed by the heavy hand of the federal government.

Physicians are told how to bill, how much to charge, and how to treat patients. They are mandated to use expensive electronic medical records. The federally enacted HIPPA (Health Information Privacy and Portability Act) makes the communication between physicians and atients burdensome, inefficient,and expensive. Every physician is required by federal mandate to register with the government to obtain an NPI (national provider identifier.) We are required by federal law to obtain and pay for a license to prescribe medication through the DEA, which is separate from our state licensure.

This heavy hand of government not only oversees the largest federal health bureaucracy ever created, but by extension reaches into every state, every city, and every small town to regulate how every licensed physician practices the art of medicine and how citizens obtain care.

The treatment is also clear.

The prescription for a cure was written into our constitution by our founders. Article V of our constitution allows for the states to call for a convention of states to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government through the proposal of constitutional amendments. Physicians should be the strongest supporters of this brilliantly-crafted states’ rights tool placed into our constitution by our founders.

I urge my fellow American physicians to join with me in supporting an Article V Convention of States to take back control of the practice of medicine. It’s the only way that we can return the practice of medicine back to the intimate relationship between a doctor and patient without interference by the heavy hand of a distant, national government.

Jeffrey I. Barke, M.D. Family Physician Newport Beach, CA
Convention of states action

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