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Article V

Pocket Guide

Article V

Pocket Guide

This is the definitive primer on the Article V Convention of States Project. In it, you’ll find clear, straightforward explanations of the biggest problems in the federal government, how Article V is the best solution, and our strategy to make it all happen. We’ve even included a list of our biggest endorsers, answers to FAQs, and a few sample amendments. It’s a must-have for any Convention of States supporter, and we know you’ll love it.

Available in PDF format

Get the Facts,

Cut Through the Lies

Those who wish to maintain the status quo in D.C. are dead-set on stopping the Convention of States Project and its 4 million supporters. But as the Article V Pocket Guide explains, our plan is effective, safe, and more necessary than ever.

Who’s Behind This Thing?

Our most important resource has been, and always will be, YOU – our grassroots supporters. But the Article V movement has attracted other folks as well, and you may have heard of some of them.

Dozens of the most influential thinkers, leaders, and statesmen have thrown their weight behind the Convention of States Project, and you can find out what these men and women are saying about the Article V movement in the Pocket Guide! We’ve compiled quotations from some of the biggest names along with a complete list of the 45 supporters and endorsers who have (so far) voiced their approval for the Article V process.

Get it on Your

Favorite Devices!

The Founders didn’t have smartphones when they drafted Article V, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave yours behind while learning about their solution to federal overreach. We’ve formatted the Pocket Guide to be printed, viewed on a computer, or downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

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