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Florida Amendment 2: Abolish the Constitution Revision...

Published in Hottest Spread the Word on August 25, 2022 by Denah Butts

After the 2018 election, Convention of States Florida played a key role in raising awareness about Florida's Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) and asked that you contact your state representatives to request an amendment be placed on the ballot to abolish the CRC. We achieved that goal. Now, it your turn to be aware and vote on...

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Now is the time for the final push to get SR 152 across the finish line.

Published in Spread the Word Blog on June 29, 2022 by Stephen Eissler CB ID: 2553057

The Convention of States Project was launched in 2013 and is rapidly gaining the needed support, primarily among Republicans.  It is well funded and super organized.<br/><br/>Nineteen states have already requested a convention of states. We need just 15 more states to sign on to reach the required 34 states.<br/><br/>As of June 26, 202...

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Senator Tom Coburn Flyer

Published in Spread the Word on April 05, 2019 by Convention Of States Project

Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Convention of States Project, and he explains in this document why he supports Article V and works so hard to advance the movement.

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Mark Levin Endorsement

Published in Spread the Word on July 22, 2021 by Convention Of States Project

Mark Levin is a long-time supporter of the Convention of States Project and a pioneer of the Article V movement. This two-page document outlines his full support and is a great hand-out for any Levin fans that you know.

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Sample Letter to Legislators

Published in Spread the Word on July 08, 2022 by Convention Of States Project

Send this letter to your legislator.

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