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COSA Maryland in Action: April 2022

Published in Blog on April 27, 2022 by Maria Moungelis Bedard

Watch: InspiredtoAction:Back to Basics Webinar
2022 Legislative Session Wrap Up

In this issue...

  • The State Director's Message
  • InspiredtoAction
  • Spotlight: Seth Lipko, District Captain
  • BeCOS It Matters: News and Essays from the Comms Team (including 2 Maryland volunteers featured on Rumble)
  • COS Action Maryland Out & About: A calendar of upcoming events - event coordinators needed!
  • COS Action Learning Resource of the Month

A Message from Mike Rilee, State Director - District 19

The 2022 Legislative Session of our Maryland General Assembly has come to a close, and with it is the close of our COSA-MD activist year.

I am proud and grateful for everything that COS supporters, volunteers, and leaders have done throughout the year! We at COSA-MD are also grateful for the sponsors and co-sponsors of the COS resolutions who demonstrated courage and spirit bringing the resolution to both the Senate and House of Delegates for the first time in years, especially our sponsors Senator Justin Ready (D5) and Delegate Mark Fisher (D27C).

We had such wonderful engagement from people across the state. I thank everyone for the time spent meeting, planning, traveling, writing letters and emails, making phone calls, knocking on doors in neighborhoods and in Annapolis, and so much more--but especially for supporting each other as we rebuild self-governance in Maryland.

Though we didn't get to a vote in committee in 2022, your efforts have prepared the soil for an even better New Year as we now look to grow the grass roots of patriotism in Maryland to harvest for the 2023 Legislative Session.

Check out the reports of our 2022 accomplishments with the links below in this newsletter, where you'll find a great deal of information and get to know your COSA-MD team.

It's been an amazing year, and the next one will be even better. I invite you to join us as we relearn how to be citizens and 21st century patriots.

For Liberty!

Michael Rilee
State Director


We're inspired by the actions of our Maryland supporters. We're on pace to surpass 32,000 petition signers in 2022. Our progress since 2018 looks like this:

2018 3,536 13,315
2019 3,580 16,895
2020 4,313 21,208
2021 5,934 27,142
2022 1,549 YTD 28,561

The more signatures we gather, the more our Maryland state legislators recognize the strength of our cause. Your signed petition goes directly to your Maryland legislators so they know its importance to you.

Contact your legislators to let them know you support the Article V Convention of States resolution.

Spotlight on Team Maryland:  Meet Seth Lipko, District Captain (D32)

Hey everyone! I've been a District Captain for almost a full year now, and let me tell you, it's been great. I've gotten to meet some great patriots in District 32 over the past year. I've worked alongside the MD COS team, learning how to be a good citizen, and getting the word out at local events. I've testified before two committees in support of the Maryland COS resolution. And all the while, I've been trying to find willing people in my community who are willing to do these very same things.

When I'm not volunteering time with COS, I have a (more than) full-time job, a family of two young and insanely adorable girls, and am heavily involved in my church. I understand the "I'm just really busy" excuse, trust me. But our nation, as well as our state, isn't going to fix itself. Our nation's founders sacrificed much more than a few hours of leisure time to give us this country. The least we can do is skip our favorite streaming service a few times a week to preserve it. I invite you to do just that. We're here and ready to help you get involved!

If you're reading this and live in my neck of the woods (AA County), come out to one of my local meetings! I'd love to see some friendly faces:

  • Saturday, Apr 30th. 9-11 AM
    8125 Ritchie Hwy
    Pasadena, MD 21122
  • Saturday, May 14th. 9-11 AM
    1451 W Nursery Rd.
    Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
  • Saturday, May 28th. 9-11 AM
    2849 Jessup Rd.
    Jessup, MD 20794

BeCOS It Matters

Here are some interesting news articles from COSA Maryland, around the state and the nation that are worth reading and sharing with your circle of influence. 

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2022 Legislative Session Wrap Up

...meanwhile in Maryland

That's a Wrap: 2022 Legislative Session in Review

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Governor Hogan on Bill Signing Day

...and elsewhere in the U.S

Maryland Volunteer Leslie Jenkins Featured on Rumble

...and another Maryland Volunteer Feature on Rumble

South Carolina Governor Pens POWERFUL Letter Supporting a Convention of States

COS Meckler on The Capitol Report

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COS Action Maryland Out & About

Event Coordinators needed!

COS Action Learning Resource of the Month 

US Constitution Class starting May 17
Contact Jim McQueen RC SoMD for more information!

Take a Road Trip to Brooklyn: Learn About the Maryland 400

The Building Blocks of Article V
Convention of State Resolution Progress Map

InspiredtoAction: One More Thing

If you've already signed the petition - Thank You.
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It matters. Your support matters. Our country matters.

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