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Word of the Day: TelePatriot

Published in Blog on February 22, 2022 by Will T. Zwart

When one looks at the progress and ingenuity of mankind throughout history, one might notice that in the last century or so, there has been a huge leap in innovation. Thanks to free market capitalism, we have at our fingertips technology that would astound past generations. And with new technology come new jobs, and with new jobs come new job titles. Convention of States Action (COSA) has many such titles, but one of the most important is the TelePatriot. 
Although not yet recognized by spellcheck, these TelePatriots serve as the Paul Reveres and Sybil Ludingtons for Convention of States. They are the digital communicators, keeping every petition signer up-to-date on legislation, alerting them to meetings and events, and sending out calls to action.  

How to be a COSA TelePatriot

All COSA supporters can (and should) be running the COSAction App on their mobile devices. To be a TelePatriot you will need to be running the COSAction App on your phone.

You will also need to be a volunteer activist within your COSA state team.  There is a very simple process to achieve this designation.
Next, let your state team leadership know you would like to be a TelePatriot.

Below are a couple videos that demonstrate how to use the COSAction App and the TelePatriot function of the App on the two different platforms:



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