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Jefferson's 1823 Letter to William Johnson

Published in Blog on April 11, 2022 by Edward Douglas Thompson

Let's not let our founders down. Let's not let our special privilege go to waste. Let's not let our own country devolve into the kind of place where there is the rule of man, rather than the rule of law. And let's not let the federal government spend all of the potential fortunes, and take away the freedoms, of our children.

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Convention of States is the Answer to Medical Tyranny

Published in Blog on January 24, 2022 by Edward Douglas Thompson

With stories coming out about families of hospitalized patients demanding better hospital care for their loved ones (Mercy hospital patient died after transfer), it shows the urgency of holding a Convention of States to restrain the federal government.

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High Engagement at Spring Valley Town Hall

Published in Blog on September 16, 2021 by Edward Douglas Thompson

The Spring Valley Community Center was very active, even loud at times, on Saturday, September 11 -- and the reason is because Convention of States Minnesota held a town hall there.

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Two Questions, One Answer

Published in Blog on August 10, 2021 by Edward Douglas Thompson

Thanks and praise go out to Steve Davidson for speaking truth to opposition and for those Convention of States volunteers who showed up to the event in order to show support.

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