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Texas COS References

Published on December 18, 2017 by Michael Cassidy

Texas Becomes State #11 To Call For A Convention of States

Texas Legislator's Contact Information


Details of 2017 Texas 85th Session COS Resolutions:

Senate SJR 2

Texas Legislature Online Main Page
Senate State Affairs Committee Hearing (2/16/17)
Senate State Affairs Committee Vote (2/16/17)   Blog post
Senate Floor Vote (2/28/17)   Blog post

House HJR 39

Texas Legislature Online Main Page
House Select Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility Hearing (4/13/17)  Blog post
House Committee Vote (4/20/17)  Blog post
Call to Action to Correct SJR 2 (4/21/17)
House Floor Vote SJR 2 (5/4/17)  FINAL PASSAGE!!!  Blog post

COS Texas warriors react to hard-fought victory!

COS Warriors Celebrate at Governor's Manson (6/3/17)


States With Passed COSP Article V Resolution


Video Messages from Texas Governor Abbott

Gov. Abbott Unveils Texas Plan Jan 11, 2016

Gov. Greg Abbott Endorses Article V Convention of States! Mar 16, 2016

Greg Abbott Speaks to Convention of States Texas Activists Dec 7, 2016

Governor Declares Convention of States an Emergency Item! Jan 31, 2017

Texas Governor Puts D.C. on Notice! Jan 31, 2017

Now is the time for a Convention of States Oct 9, 2017

What it takes to pass Convention of States Dec 19, 2017

General References:

Convention of States Project Wiki

Article V Info Center (Independence Institute)

Our American Constitution: Article V

Restoring the Rule of Law (The Texas Plan, Governor Greg Abbott)

Texas Governor Abbott Supports Convention of States

Government Follows a 3,000 Page Constitution

PragerU COS Video

Texas Legislature References:

Texas Legislature Online (10 minute training video)

Live Broadcasts and Archives: House  Senate (3 minute training video)

Texas COS References:

Mike Farris, Tom Colburn, House Committee Hearing, Feb 26, 2015

COS Texas Testimony, House Committee Hearing, Mar 12, 2015

COS Texas Testimony, House Committee Hearing, Mar 19, 2015

No COS Testimony, House Committee Vote on HJR 77, Apr 9, 2015

COS Texas Testimony, Senate Committee, May 25, 2015

Texas State of the State Address (COS Highlights Video), January 31, 2017

COS Texas Testimony, Senate Committee, February 16, 2017

Texas Senate Floor Debate, February 28, 2017

COS Texas Testimony, House Committee, April 13, 2017

Texas COS YouTube Playlist

COS Minute (by Melanie Kriewaldt):

COS Minute #1 (3/14/17)

COS Minute #2 (3/14/17)

COS Minute #3 (3/17/17)

COS Minute #4 (3/21/17)

COS Minute #5 (3/27/17)

COS Minute #6 (3/30/17)

COS Minute #7 (4/27/17)

COS Minute #8 (8/12/17)

COS Year in Review Videos




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