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WATCH: Celebrate the Revolution

Published in Blog on July 08, 2024 by Article V Patriot

Convention of States grassroots supporters are turning out in droves to champion Article V as COS takes America by storm. To stay up to date about our relentless legislative advocacy and efforts to spread the word about Article V, tune in weekly to COS NOW, a video recap highlighting the most significant COS-related news of the week. Alternatively, catch up on these updates right here on the COS blog.

1. Chip Roy calls for Article V convention on Daily Wire podcast

Congressman and Convention of States endorser Chip Roy blasted a controversial new proposal for including women in the draft, urging the states to call an Article V convention to deal with Washington’s overreach.

Read more here.

2. Team NJ Brings the Heat!

The sweltering temperatures in New Jersey broke just in time for the Convention of States team to bring the heat to our Legislators in Trenton. On Monday, June 24, approximately 70 team members attended a rally to call on our NJ Legislators to pass the COS Resolution and join the 19 other states that have done so already.

Learn more about this crucial story here.

3. Partners: Convention of States and Patriot Mobile

Last year, Convention of States Action (COSA) announced a partnership with America's sole Christian, conservative wireless provider, Patriot Mobile. That partnership continues. When you switch carriers to Patriot Mobile, your dollars will not only add up for Patriot Mobile, but for other groups that work for your values including the National Rifle Association, First Liberty, and Turning Point USA.

Join the program today!

4. Don’t Miss PHASE Two of the Letters to the Editor Writing Competition

After witnessing the incredible enthusiasm of our grassroots supporters in crafting letters to introduce Article V to new audiences, we carefully selected three exceptional winners from the impressive pool of entries (read their winning submissions here). We now invite you to join us in spreading their impactful words nationwide.

From now until the end of August, we call upon each state team to publish as many letters to the editor as possible.

Get involved here!

5. Celebrating the grassroots in Michigan — and everywhere

Last week, the Michigan State Senate approved Senate Resolution No. 62, which declares the week of June 23-29 as Grassroots Week in Michigan. 

The resolution honors grassroots leaders and precinct delegates throughout the state and acknowledges the importance of civic participation in the political process. The resolution in part states that grassroots leaders “deserve recognition for their sacrifice of time, energy, and passion.”

Join us in recognizing the grassroots in Michigan — and everywhere else!

Watch the full episode of COS NOW below for more!

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