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Introducing Letters to the Editor Writing Competition PHASE TWO (plus, MAJOR announcement from writing team)

Published in Blog on June 10, 2024 by Jakob Fay

Greetings, fellow writers.

Matt May and I are excited to announce the launch of phase two of our Letters to the Editor writing campaign. After witnessing the incredible enthusiasm of our grassroots supporters in crafting letters to introduce Article V to new audiences, we carefully selected three exceptional winners from the impressive pool of entries (read their winning submissions here). We now invite you to join us in spreading their impactful words nationwide.

From now until the end of August, we call upon each state team to publish as many letters to the editor as possible. You can utilize our phase one winners as templates or create entirely original pieces. Just as in phase one, however, these letters should be tailored to your state or locality, tackling topics that resonate with your readers while aligning with our message. Please note that only published letters related to COS will be counted.

At the end of this period, each state will be responsible for submitting all the letters they have published during this phase. The winning state will be determined based on the number of submissions adjusted per capita.

Acknowledging the effort required, we’re offering a significant incentive: the state team with the highest number of published letters will earn an exclusive private dinner with Convention of States President and Co-Founder Mark Meckler! Moreover, remember that the ultimate goal of this contest is to reach new audiences and, ideally, recruit future supporters for the COS cause. Letters to the editor present an effective tool for reaching those who might not know about the solution as big as the problem. Let’s inundate our communities and nation with grassroots communications and witness the impact we can collectively make!

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Oh, and one last thing. While I have your attention, I’d like to tell you about another new initiative from the writing team. If you regularly write for COS, we’d like to invite you to attend our upcoming inaugural State Content Writers Lunch and Learn on June 18 at 3 PM EST, a monthly virtual rendezvous tailor-made for designated SCWs and other members of the grassroots who lend their pens to COS.

As guardians of the written word, we understand the weight our prose carries. That’s why we’re eager to hone our craft alongside you, both learning from and imparting our best tips, tricks, and practices to you.

Join us on June 18 at 3 PM EST for this informative call. We're eager to connect and get to know you better.

Thank you for all you do. Happy writing!

“Not for nothing have writers been called wordsmiths for centuries. The craft of writing demands all the specialized training and physical stamina of the blacksmith. The serious writer sweats at the forge of his imagination while hammering out sentences on the anvil of language, and so on.” — Amor Towles

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