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"Spectacular" rally culminates in standing ovations for Mark Meckler and Pete Hegseth

Published in Blog on March 18, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

A Spectacular Event

Convention of States co-founder Mark Meckler and Fox News Senior Political Analyst Pete Hegseth each received standing ovations from the 150+ in attendance at COS Minnesota’s first-ever rally-at-the capitol.

Described as a “spectacular” event by COS Regional Director David Schneider, an unprecedented eight legislators spoke in favor of COS before the rally began, including COS resolution (HF2690) author Rep. Duane Quam (25A).

Steve Davidson, a veteran of the Vietnam War, who has worked for three years talking to legislators about the promise of COS, explained that he supports COS in order to save his children and grandchildren from the crushing “immoral debt” that continues to accumulate. 

Our Republic is Not Inevitable

Hegseth then addressed the enthusiastic crowd. After speaking about growing up in Minnesota and showing off his Brexit Socks and American flag-lined suit coat, he took a more serious tone.

“Our republic is not inevitable,” the veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars said. He stressed that in order to affect change, people must act.

“It’s one thing to talk,” Hegseth said, “It’s another thing to build a grassroots army. That’s what Convention of States is.”

Next, Meckler took to the podium to show off his pair of American Flag socks and exclaimed that the rally “exceeded [his] wildest expectations.”

He thanked the Minnesota legislators for being courageous in backing COS, explaining that many of the people he speaks to who oppose COS are “afraid” or “scared” of calling a Convention of States. He always reminds them, “This country was not built upon fear, it was built upon courage.”  

A Renewed and Invigorated Spirit

COS Minnesota State Director Jackie Burns was overjoyed with the success of the event.

“God has answered our prayers,” she said. After feeling deflated with the lack of momentum during the last legislative session, she said the rally and the increased interest in COS across Minnesota this year, has given the “COS Minnesota team and the legislators a renewed and invigorated spirit.” 

She cautioned that this event was not an end, but only a beginning.

“We must take this momentum and move forward. It’s not enough to voice complaints anymore, whether to friends and family or on social media. It’s time to step up.”  

Emphasizing that people must take their responsibility as citizens seriously and act, Burns added, 

“It’s not a matter of whether you want to, it’s whether you will.”

There's a place for your talent—and your fancy socks—within COS. Check out the available positions here and sign up today!

Watch the rally including the pre-event legislator speeches on our Facebook page. 

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