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Meet Neville Roy Singham, the Chinese/Marxist Millionaire Sowing Seeds of Chaos in American Society

Published in Blog on May 03, 2024 by Jakob Fay

Meet Neville Roy Singham, the Chinese/Marxist Millionaire Sowing Seeds of Chaos in American Society

Prior to 2017, CodePink, a radical, far-left anti-war group founded in opposition to U.S. imperialism, openly denounced China and the Chinese Communist Party.

“We demand China stop brutal repression of their women's human rights defenders,” tweeted co-founder and lead activist Jodie Evans in 2015, for example.

Then, abruptly, everything changed.

Last year, the same Ms. Evans posted an hour-long video titled “Jodie's Experience in China,” in which she profusely praised the Communist country. When asked if she had anything “negative” to say about China, she replied (after a long pause), “I can’t, for the life of me, think of anything.” In 2021, she defended China’s Xinjiang internment camps and the mass incarceration of Uyghur Muslims.

Additionally, CodePink ditched its anti-China advocacy, launching a new campaign—“China Is Not Our Enemy.” According to this new crusade, which seemed, rather conveniently, to memory-hole its former qualms about the nation’s “brutal repression,” “China has made incredible advances in fighting poverty, expanding green energy, and promoting peace. No country or people are perfect, but there is always something we can learn from others and something others can learn from us. The current political climate of warmongering and demonization of China stokes an attitude of aggression rather than cooperation.” 

“I joined the China Is Not Our Enemy campaign,” remarked one supporter, “because I want to end U.S. imperialism, and the only way to do that is by challenging stereotypes and propaganda through a feminist lens that advances solidarity, unity, and cooperation (some very key principles of China's culture).”

What happened? Why did this self-named “feminist grassroots organization” flip from opposing China to peddling CCP propaganda?

One answer: a marriage.

In 2017, Ms. Evans married American businessman and multimillionaire Neville Roy Singham in a union that would radically (but discreetly) rewrite the future of left-wing advocacy in the United States.

As of yet, Singham’s name is far from a household moniker. But the tentacles of his influence are spreading across America, infiltrating our schools, halls of power, and favorite social media apps, à la George Soros. In fact, one might imagine Soros himself envies the considerable power this mysterious mogul has amassed.

But Singham is not your typical left-wing millionaire/activist donor. He donates to typically left-wing causes, but his bountiful donations arrive in the U.S. from an unusual location—China.

A radical Marxist from a young age (the F.B.I reportedly investigated the teenage socialist in 1974 for “activities inimical to the U.S.”), Singham resides with his wife in Shanghai where they foster close connections to multiple CCP propaganda outlets. According to the New York Times, which broke the disconcerting connection between Singham and far-left activism in the U.S., “the line between him and the propaganda apparatus is so blurry that he shares office space — and his groups share staff members — with a company whose goal is to educate foreigners about ‘the miracles that China has created on the world stage.’”

So, he does more than just bankroll left-wing causes; he interjects them with explicitly pro-Communist, pro-China, and pro-Marxist undertones.

China, of course, aims for global domination, openly seeking to undermine the U.S.-led world order. President Xi Jinping has been very explicit about these goals: “Beyond doubt, our country’s growing strength is the most important factor driving a profound readjustment of the international order,” he informed his military leaders in 2015. “Some Western countries absolutely never want to see a socialist China grow strong under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.”

However, China has not often opposed the U.S. militarily. Rather, they seek to subvert us from the inside out, sowing seeds of chaos within our culture. Such efforts include weakening our infrastructure (“The Chinese military is ramping up its ability to disrupt key American infrastructure, including power and water utilities as well as communications and transportation systems,” The Washington Post reported. “Hackers affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army have burrowed into the computer systems of about two dozen critical entities over the past year….”) and, perhaps most notably, sponsoring the U.S. fentanyl crisis. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, “China remains the primary source of fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances trafficked through international mail and express consignment operations environment, as well as the main source for all fentanyl-related substances trafficked into the United States.”

While fentanyl remains one of the most profitable drugs on the market, Chinese scholar and American political consultant Peter Schweizer alleges that China provides various drug apparatus to the Mexican cartels at cost, suggesting they are more interested in weakening America than turning a profit.

To that end, Singham and his affiliated groups, which have supported pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-TikTok causes, have done so exclusively in America—not China. This, Schweizer says, is a clear component of the nation’s “disintegration warfare” against the U.S., an attempt to erode Americans’ moral fiber.

As previously noted, however, Singham does not merely back progressive social causes, at least not without first dousing them in his signature Communist worldview. For example, one of his groups, the New York City-based People’s Forum, offers educational classes praising Vladimir Lenin, “a well-loved revolutionary…. whose name embodies the spirit of working-class internationalism.”

According to the course description, “Lenin and his successful leadership of the Bolsheviks not only proved the capacity of the proletariat to seize power but successfully established the first socialist state in 1917, demonstrating Marxism as a powerful and revolutionary force for the working class. A hundred years later, Lenin’s theories and strategies continue to illuminate the path forward for people and movements committed to building working class power, showing the necessary steps for achieving worldwide socialist revolution.”

Another course lauds Marxism as a viable path toward “national liberation,” while a second Singham-affiliated group, No Cold War, is slated to present a “Hyper Imperialism” webinar next week, hosted by Cheng Enfu, Chief Editor of the World Marxist Review.

Considering Singham’s passionate love affair with the CCP, it comes as no surprise that Evans, upon marrying him, quickly flipped the script about China, lavishing praise on the repressive regime. Then, after the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023, the powerful couple recognized a new opportunity to exploit the partisan divide in America.

This spring, Singham and Evans became two of the most important figures in American politics, although most Americans undoubtedly did not detect it; CodePink, which now receives an estimated one-fourth of its money from groups linked to Singham, appears to have organized or at least participated in many of the pro-Palestine protests on college campuses, while Evans appears to have attended the particularly chaotic events at UCLA and Berkeley.

“I’m writing to you from DePaul University’s encampment for Gaza, energized by the resilience I’ve witnessed from the students here and across the US,” wrote one young CodePink activist. “From the river to the sea, Palestine is almost free!”

“Students are outraged, sickened at the complicity of their country in this genocide,” the organization declared. “We Americans are supplying the weapons for this genocide. Silence is not an option. Speak up. Speak out. March. Take to the streets. Build encampments. What else is there to do? We are already hanging our heads in shame for this immoral support of Israel.”

A review of the group’s events page reveals that many more of these protests are scheduled for the weeks to come.

But what does all of this mean? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts: America is under attack. We are under attack by an enemy who has not dared to confront us openly but seeks to undermine us using subterfuge, degeneracy, and social chaos—none of which he promotes in his own country. Notably, Neville Roy Singham blends pro-China, pro-Russia, and pro-Iran propaganda into one distasteful Communist smoothie, which he then spoon-feeds to clueless Americans—primarily on the left, but also, quite possibly, on the right (multiple sources have confirmed that China has created thousands of fake social media accounts, on both sides of the aisle, to amplify extreme views and foment division). This does not imply that Americans’ perceived political disputes are inorganic; rather, that they are being exploited by an avowed Communist.

If China aims to lead the next world order, it is not enough merely to oppose them militarily; we must push their influence out of this country, from the halls of power to the collegiate level.

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