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Minnesota Report: 2019 COS Leadership Summit (Part 2)

Published in Blog on September 04, 2019 by Edward Douglas Thompson

The photo above shows the Convention of States Minnesota team getting ready for the final presentation at the Convention of States Leadership Summit in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

It was a fascinating presentation given by COS Board Member Tim Dunn. The theme involved biblical reference to three pillars of self-governance, contrasted against the three pillars of cultural Marxism.

The three pillars of self-governance are Rule of Law, Consent of the Governed, and Private Property. There were contrasted with Political Correctness, Consent of the Elites, and Collectivism.

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Kathy meets her favorite person, David Barton.

Historian David Barton gave an incredibly jam-packed presentation about the history of the founding of the United States of America and how that history has tremendous relevance to the issues of the day.

A main theme was that the Declaration of Independence is the foundation of the U.S. Constitution. Understanding the Declaration of Independence is key to interpretation of the Constitution's meaning.

After detailing how all federal bills are dated back to 1776 (i.e., to the Declaration of Independence) and how 32 former territories became part of the United States through the Enabling Act--which requires an oath to uphold the principles of the Declaration as well as the specifics of the Constitution--Barton noted that the Constitution is merely a procedural document for implementing the primary founding document: the Declaration of Independence.

He then went on to explain the six principles of the Declaration of Independence--which he referred to as our National Birth Certificate--and how this exceptional document may explain why the Constitution has lasted for 232 years. The world average lifespan for national constitutions is just 17 years!

Scroll down for more photos of the COS Minnesota team socializing with familiar champions of liberty.

Rick showing Patriot Pin with COS President Mark Meckler.
Linda meets Mark Levin.
Nina meets Mark Levin and his wife Julie.

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