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Poll: Large majority of Minnesotans want limits on the federal government

Published in Blog on March 26, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

A March 2018 poll found that, by a wide margin, Minnesotans favor placing limits on the federal goverment and calling for a Convention of States. 

The poll, conducted online by Moore Information research firm, surveyed 400 registered voters in Minnesota and found the following key results: 

Party Affiliation

When asked if they plan to vote in the upcoming primary election as a Repubican or Democrat, 29% responded they planned to vote in the Republican primary, 39% said the Democrat primary, 8% said they wouldn’t be voting, and 24% were unsure.

Trump and Congress Job Approval

Trump’s job performance meets with disapproval from a majority of Minnesota voters – 42% approve, 55% disapprove. Disapproval is much more intense, with 43% “strongly” disapproving and just 14% “strongly” approving. Republicans widely approve (83-16%), but Democrats are widely unimpressed (13-86%) and Independents disapprove (36-58%). 

Men are divided about the President’s job performance today (49-48%), but women disapprove (36-61%). 

Congress generates a widely negative job performance rating today; just 25% approve and fully 67% disapprove.  Disapproval prevails throughout the state and among men and women of all ages. However, Republicans are divided (48-46%) and self-described “very” Conservatives approve (56-43%)

Constitutional Amendments to Limit Federal Power

By a 76-13% margin, Minnesota voters are in favor of their state joining other states in calling for a convention of states to propose constitutional amendments that limit federal spending, limit federal power, and establish term limits for Congress and/or federal judges. Support is widespread among all voter subgroups. 

Looking at the issue with more specificity, 71% favor and only 17% oppose a constitutional amendment to limit federal spending. Fifty-three percent favor and only 21% oppose a constitutional amendment to limit federal power. 

Eighty-four percent favor and only 9% oppose placing term limits on members of Congress and/or federal judges.

Methodology: A total of 400 online interviews were conducted March 20, 2018 among a representative sample of voters statewide in Minnesota. The potential sampling error is plus or minus 5% at the 95% confidence level.  

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