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A COS Minnesota Summer—meeting candidates & spreading the word

Published in Blog on July 19, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

Photo: COS Minnesota Media Liaison Bob Stjern meeting gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson.

COS Minnesota team members have been out-and-about this July spreading the word about Convention of States and even meeting and chatting with candidates.

Check out what they've been up to:

  • Pat Turonie spoke about COS at an event in Duluth where a young attendee was enthusiastic about the COS message and felt its possibility to effect real political change without a revolution could resonate strongly with younger voters. 
  • Seven team members attended VetsFest in Oakdale and were able to gather 40+ COS petition signatures.
  • Tom Blondell met gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson at an Independence Day parade in Stewartville and senate candidate Karin Housley at an Olmsted County meet-and-greet. Not only was Blondell able to meet Housley and chat with her about COS, but he had the opportunity to dispel the runaway-convention myth to all who were there. 
  • Bob Stjern met Jeff Johnson at a Young Republicans event in Bloomington who told him he was “intrigued and open minded when it comes to Convention of States,” and singled out “term limits for judges” as an issue that he believed a lot of citizens could agree upon. Stjern also introduced himself to Housely at the grand opening of her campaign office. When asked about COS, she indicated interest in it and recalled her conversation with COS volunteer Tom Blondell, referring to him as a “nice guy.” 

Each of these is an example of team members taking the initiative individually as citizens to plant the seeds of COS in the minds of candidates and citizens. The more this happens, the more COS is solidified as the exciting, viable, movement that it is.

Help us grow and spread the message of limiting federal power. Join COS today!

COS Minnesota State Director Jackie Burns promoting COS at VetsFest in Oakdale.

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