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Published in Blog Hottest on March 17, 2022 by Will T. Zwart

Attention Marylanders: Now is the time for the final push! Our Convention of States Resolution is currently still sitting in committee. Those who oppose the Resolution are attempting to simply let Senate Bill SJ08 and House of Delegates Bill HJ06 expire quietly with the end of this legislative session.   

Do not let this happen! Do not let this Resolution die without even a vote. Now is the time to act. This is one of the most important political actions most of you will make, so make it count! 

Take 30 seconds to reach out to the committee members and KEEP reaching out until you've made your voice heard! Call, email, and send handwritten letters imploring with gentle but firm resolve to vote favorably on SJ08 and HJ06.

For email templates and committee member info, click here

If you've already done so, thank you.
Then, contact them again until you get a response.
Encourage a friend or family member to follow suit.

Also, please consider installing the COSAction phone app and becoming a TelePatriot!

And best of all, if you know your legislator personally, communicate in person. 

Don't be ignored. Don't be intimidated. To push this victory through, we need voices from every county, district, town, and precinct in the state. 

This is the fight for Convention of States Maryland! Rise up now, unite, and make them hear your desire to limit the size and scope of the federal government, starting with term limits for Congress. It only takes 30 seconds to reach out to committee members now. 

Thank you to all the COS Marylanders who've dedicated so much time and effort to save our country. We will never surrender to the bloated behemoth that is our federal government. 

Click here to get involved!
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