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Minnesotans line up to support Convention of States

Published in Blog on November 29, 2017 by Suzy Turbenson

Excited and Empowered

Convention of States Minnesota has had great success with more than 200 petition signers at our last two events! 

After learning what Article V is all about, Minnesotans realize this is a far-reaching movement that has a real chance at finally bringing government decision-making and power back where it belongs: close to home.

People become excited and empowered when they hear the passion from our team members who feel so strongly about revitalizing our American system they dedicate their precious weekends to Convention of States.

See for Yourself what COS is All About

Stop by and meet us at one of our upcoming events. Or better yet, join us in this most vital fight. Share your passion for the founding ideals of this country!

A special thank you to the dedicated team of event volunteers from Minnesota and our great Wisconsin friends, who have come together to serve the cause of liberty.

Dan Gumbert, Chad Briggs, Trevor Massey, Mike Hipler, Jim Kolmer, John Langford, Vicky Ostry, Jim Jones, Brian Higgins, Nathaniel Whitehead, Joanne Laufenberg, Rick Jensen and daughter, Mike Migneault, Tom Davis, Virginia Lacey, Jackie Burns.





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