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Amish farmer raided by feds wins court battle against USDA mandates

Published in Blog on December 29, 2022 by Brianna Kraemer

Amish farmer Amos Miller can return to selling raw milk and meat and a $300,000 fine has been dropped in new court documents according to reports.

Food sterilization standards instituted by the United States Department of Agriculture led to legal battles between the government and Amos Miller, a natural farmer who does not follow government guidelines for food processing.

A U.S. Appeals Court recently lowered the massive fines placed on Miller down to $55,000 payable over the next six months and jail time can be evaded. The farm can resume operations and his contempt of court hearing has been canceled. 

“Here you have a case of people saying, ‘I don’t want food the way the USDA wants it,’ and ‘they’re saying nope, you can’t have it that way,'”  attorney Robert Barnes said in an interview.

As previously reported, Miller’s Organic Farm doesn’t use any gasoline or fertilizer, which means Miller’s farm has gone unaffected by government-caused shortages experienced by most farmers across the world. The farm also bypasses meat and dairy processing at USDA facilities because Miller believes these standards make food less nutritious. 

Miller’s attorney explained that the farm’s customer base is not accidentally seeking out this type of food. It’s a decisive and educated choice to consume cleaner food harvested at Miller’s farm. 

“Look at any study of the Amish and you will find by almost any health metric, they are healthier than the people living off USDA-approved food. And the USDA, you know what they think is healthy? Bill Gates’ synthetic corn … his fake beef,” explained Barnes.

Miller’s spokeswoman Anke Meyn told the Return To Now blog, “The USDA processing plants require the meat to be treated with a chemical cocktail of citric acid, lactic acid and peracetic acid. It’s not citric acid from oranges or lactic acid from sauerkraut. It’s all created in a lab. It’s a synthetic sterilizer that causes many health problems.”

After operating for nearly 30 years, the farm was raided by armed federal agents earlier this year, who demanded the farm’s operations cease for failing to comply with federal regulations.

With over 4,000 local customers and food club members across the country, sidelining the USDA ruffled feathers in Washington, D.C. just 150 miles away from the self-governing farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania.

As noted by the Post Millenial, the Amish tend to stay out of the limelight and the media. However, Amos Miller decided to stand up to the USDA by taking the abusive government to the courts. The story went viral on Tucker Carlson in August and through honest media sources – not mainstream.

We at Convention of States see this as a huge threat to individual sovereignty and self-sufficiency. Federal government agencies have no place telling individuals how they are supposed to farm their land and what they should be spraying and in turn ingesting through food.

There are endless reasons to not trust the government and this story just adds to the list. Convention of States takes a firm stand against an authoritative government that oversteps its bounds.  

Help us take back control of our federal government, which is supposed to be representative of the people. Sign the petition calling for a Convention of States below. We will be a check on our out-of-control government.

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