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Become a Leader

State Communications Coordinator

As a State Communications Coordinator, you will lead a team of volunteers to create and execute all aspects of statewide communications.

Excellent written communication and ability to learn technology are essential. The SCC will work collaboratively and manage all members of the their state’s comms team: a Media Liaison, Facebook Editor, Writer, Social Media Warriors, and State Videographer.

Professional experience prefered but not required. In-depth training and support will be provided by national staff.

Responsibilities of the State Communications Coordinator

  1. Proactively communicate with your state leadership team to stay up-to-date with state strategy and identify promotional opportunities.
  2. Regularly communicate with your state comms team and direct them to take actions based on the state’s promotional opportunities and digital strategy.
  3. Manage state strategy for the COS website, including at least one new article per week (i.e. local COS news, calls to action, and event RSVP pages).
  4. Assist in managing your state's Facebook page.
  5. Assist in creating state-level emails.
  6. Participate in weekly training with national Digital Director.

Expected commitment level: 4-10 hours a week


  1. Must have excellent writing skills.
  2. Must have computer skills and internet knowledge.
  3. Must be able to lead other people.

thanks for considering becoming a SCC!

To help us determine if you’re a good fit for the SCC role, we’d like to ask you a few quick questions. But first, please take a moment to update the contact information below.