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You vote! What constitutional amendment will save our nation?

Published in Blog on August 01, 2023 by Article V Patriot

The historical Simulated Convention hosted by Convention of States Foundation is just one day away, and your opinion is wanted! 

What amendment would you most like to see proposed at an Article V convention?

Do you believe term limits are the most crucial thing the people could implement in the federal government? If so, what specific kind of term limits would be effective?

There are so many components that go into crafting an effective amendment. Constitutional scholar, Michael Farris, recently outlined what types of amendments would be applicable at a convention, and he offered recommendations on how to draft an amendment. 

Class attendees took his guidance and came up with their own ideal amendment proposals. COSF received over 300 proposals, which were reviewed, compiled, and will be distributed to commissioners attending the Simulated Convention. 

We want your input! Take the brief survey and let us know which of the 10 amendment proposals you think our nation needs most. 

The amendments that you vote on now may be the ones proposed at that historic convention, either this week at the simulation or eventually at the official convention in the years ahead. Once polling is complete, we will share the results with you.

Don’t miss this unique chance to participate in the Article V process. It all starts with serious deliberation and community participation. Share your valuable opinion now!   

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