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The countdown is on! A dive into next week’s Simulated Article V Convention

Published in Blog on July 27, 2023 by Brianna Kraemer

The countdown is on! 

The Simulated Article V Convention hosted by Convention of States Foundation begins in just six days. Commissioners from 49 states will unite in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to participate in the simulation, ultimately a peaceful discussion among state delegations. 

After commissioners arrive on Wednesday, the simulation will kick off with a welcome ceremony. The dynamic action will begin early on Thursday when all commissioners gather to elect a president of the convention. Following the selection of a president, commissioners will break off into three committees. Each committee will be tasked with considering amendment proposals on one of three subject matters: legislative and executive jurisdiction; fiscal restraints; and term limits and federal judicial jurisdiction. 

During the committee meetings, commissioners will offer their ideas while engaging in deep discussions with other committee members. This will comprise the vast majority of the day, as it will require intense diplomacy and intellectual debate. 

Friday is the final and most important day of the simulation. Each of the three committees will bring their proposals to the table and a larger discussion will ensue among the full assembly. After careful deliberation, the commissioners will vote on favorable amendments, which will conclude the simulated convention. In a real Article V convention, any proposed amendments passed by the assembly would then go on to the states for ratification, needing 38 states to amend the Constitution. Friday’s proceedings will be live-streamed for all to observe. You can learn more about this unique opportunity here

"Fear of the unknown is all the opponents of a convention of states have. This simulation will demonstrate that there is nothing to fear except failing to call a convention to restore federalism and our freedoms,” former Senator and COS Senior Advisor Rick Santorum said. 

Americans are forced to make a decision in today’s rocky times: either use the Constitution and its tool to address government dysfunction, or gradually lose the Constitution to overreaching federal authorities. The Article V convention process is a constitutional check on federal power, and demonstrating this historical process before an official convention is called in the coming years allows for observation and critical analysis.

Engaged citizens are preparing to witness the Founders’ prudent provision carried out in the present day. Kansas citizens are hosting a watch party and citizens in Ohio and Wyoming have recruited several state representatives to attend the simulation. 

Don’t forget to take part in this rare occasion. Join COSF for this unique opportunity to watch the 2023 Simulated Article V Convention live next Friday. If you’d like more information on hosting a watch party, click here.

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