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#WhyWeDoThis — How COS gave Jackie hope for the future

Published in Blog on January 16, 2018 by Suzy Turbenson

Note: This is the second in our series #WhyWeDoThis, profiles of Minnesotans who are giving their precious time to Convention of States—even in this very challenging political landscape.

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A Heartfelt Letter from Jackie Burns, State Director for COS Minnesota 

Hello fellow patriots!

If you are reading this I already know you are looking for an answer to the horrible things D.C. is doing to our great republic. That is why I became involved with Convention of States.

Things are so out of control and upside down with politicians who promise things only to get elected and don’t honor their word. I have tried signing petitions, protested, voted in every election, prayed and pled to God that a solution would come along. I felt hopeless, small and insignificant. I was angry all the time. Sinking into the abyss of apathy and resignation, the despair was too much.

Listening to the Mark Levin Show on the radio, I heard about Article V of the Constitution and the Convention of States. I read his book The Liberty Amendments. It sparked a new hope in me. A real answer to prayer existed all along left to us by our Founders, who knew the day would come when leaders would become drunk with power, ruiness to this nation. I wish I could say I jumped right in and got busy. That is not the truth. 

My thinking was that someone else will do it. After all, there are smarter, more powerful people out there that will do it. Right? It took nearly a year for me to step into it. Listening to Mark Levin again,  a caller asked Mark what can we do? Mark doesn’t mince any words for sure. He stated he had written a whole book about it - Article V - Convention of States! I heard myself in other callers who call in to tell this powerful talk show host he should do something. They and I wanted them to do it.  

Recognizing how dishonest I had been with myself, I became involved. It is the first thing I have done that is making a big impact to move us toward restored liberty. Realizing it became convenient for me to subscribe to the mindset that one voice doesn’t matter, it was time to confront that. If nothing changes, then nothing changes. It is up to me.

The challenge here is to search your soul. What can you do to advance our historical revolution? We are over three million strong and growing daily. If change is to happen, it must come from the bottom up.

That means you. In your heart lies the answer. Join us. You won’t regret it.

God Bless.


The direction of the country is the responsibility of us all. Volunteer today!

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