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The Power of 'What if?'

Published in Blog on December 13, 2020 by Kevin Fuhrman

Usually when people use those two words together, it brings up worry or doubt.

With the coronavirus still active and talked about regularly, those two words get said out loud or internally often these days. It’s easy to let those two words drag us around in the muck of the perceived troubles that might happen with our imagination of future events.

I would like to propose a different thought. What if we could realize that we have the power to change our lives with our attitudes?

“What if?” can actually be a great motivator!

What if we realized that We the People are in charge of our government?

What if we remembered that our elected officials work for us?

What if we reached out to people and told them they have a say in how their government works?

What if we shared our knowledge of Article V of our glorious Constitution and let people know that they can do something about the runaway spending, overbearing overreach, and life-long bureaucrats?

Imagine a future where we have a limited government that is responsive to us, that can’t spend more than is taken in, and is full of people dedicated to serving the country, not themselves.

Imagine that it’s possible.

What if we called a Convention of States and started reining in the power and scope of our federal government so the states could once more be able to better serve their own people?

What a great day that will be!

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