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Traditions Can be Good or Bad

Published in Spread the Word on October 06, 2023 by Badger Patriot

Photo by Meelan Bawjee on Unsplash

Fish Fry’s on Fridays are a time-honored tradition in Wisconsin.  So is the idea that we Americans, “We the People” are governing ourselves.  Although some may question that idea today, with Washington DC’s recent Continuing Resolution, which allows our leaders to spend, spend, spend.  

Our Federal Government also features some leaders that serve “We the People” for 20, 30, and more consecutive years.  Which is an old tradition Americans are familiar with, but dating back centuries to England’s King George.  

Visit with us and learn about Article V of our United States Constitution.   Hear Retired Colonel Allen West speak at the Autumn Dinner 2023 for the Milwaukee County Republican Party.  

Who: Visit our Convention of States table & hear Retired Colonel Allen West speak, Sponsored by the Milwaukee County Republican Party

What: Come visit the Convention of States table and learn about Article V of our Constitution

Where: Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Why: We Americans also have a tradition of liking power in automobiles, lawn mowers and computers.  Article V gives us Americans the power to return to self-governance.  If we use it.  

When: Friday, October 6, 2023 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

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