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Surge Day in Massachusetts draws in over 100 attendees

Published in Blog on September 11, 2023 by Massachusetts Convention of States

The Massachusetts Convention of States leadership team is thrilled to share some highlights from our successful rally at the State House in Boston!

Thanks to a dedicated effort by several MA COS volunteers, the September 7 event drew over 100 attendees. The rally featured a dynamic slate of speakers who offered well-received motivation and historical perspective to our effort to engage with our state representatives and senators in order to pass H 3541, the COS resolution, during the current session of the General Court.

MA COS leaders and volunteers Bill Matheson, Brian Hemenway, and Mark Marshall shared their reasons for their support for Article V and a convention of states, why they have devoted so much of their time to the cause, and the difference that grassroots volunteers can make in making history.

Leo Martin and Nancy Martin, co-founders of the Jenney Interpretive Centre in Plymouth, discussed the Commonwealth’s historic role in establishing a representative government in New England as practiced by the Pilgrims, who sought freedom from tyranny and were influenced by the Magna Carta to produce the Mayflower Compact, the first self-governing document in this hemisphere.

Former candidate for governor and the U.S. Senate, Geoff Diehl, and former candidate for attorney general, Jay McMahon, detailed their participation as commissioners to the recent convention of states simulation held in Williamsburg, Virginia, which reinforced what an Article V convention will look like and how it will operate.

One of our greatest legislative champions in the General Court, retired police officer and Gold Star father Rep. Steven Xiarhos, reaffirmed his decision to co-sponsor H 3541, and discussed the General Court’s legislative process. He noted that an average of about 7,000 bills are submitted to the General Court each session, and recounted how he overcame great odds to pass his bill to ensure that police dogs receive EMT services while on the job. Rep. Xiarhos was awarded a COS Patriot Pin for his consistent and continued support for Article V.

COS Action Co-Founder and President Mark Meckler discussed in detail the use of propaganda and the weaponization of the law to punish and squelch political dissent. He also highlighted the necessity of local action to return America to first principles and detailed the current political divide in his home state of Texas. As always, he made a heartfelt personal commitment to pledge his life, fortune, and sacred honor to us, the grassroots supporters of COS.

We are thankful beyond measure to every speaker who took the time to travel from far and wide to attend the rally and to prepare and deliver their inspiring and heartfelt messages of support and encouragement, which energized all in attendance.

We are gratified and encouraged by the exceptional grassroots effort that made this wonderful event possible, most notably the hundreds of calls made during several TelePatriot missions to get the word out to COS supporters about this important gathering. It was a sterling example of effective grassroots action.

We invite you to join us in the work necessary to pass H 3541 so that Massachusetts can once again demonstrate its historic commitment to liberty and constitutional principles.

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