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SMEAC for Wisconsin Brand New Legislators Capitol Surge

Published in Surge Article on February 07, 2023 by Sargent of the Surge

Pre SMEAC Planning for Wisconsin Capitol Surge: Call your State Legislators (Senator and Assembly) and set an appointment for the afternoon to discuss Convention of States and answer any questions or concerns. 

If your Legislators are only available in the morning, go ahead and set it, and go.  We are staffed up to cover for you. 

Invite them to go to lunch with us. For details see Logistics, below. 

Provide your Servant Leader with a full report of your meeting!


Situation: Urgent need to Return to Self-Governance. One step in that direction is to humbly speak with our Brand New Legislators about Convention of States and Article V.  

Returning to Self-Governace is an urgent need. It is going from bad to really bad. 

  • Our Federal Leaders have allowed the CCP to float Spy Ballons over us from Coast to Coast!  As if they owned us. 
  • Will Tawain be next?  After Ukraine. 
  • Omnibus Bill to "fund" the Federal Government, it really is a way to avoid a budget.  Instead pile pork into this thousand page monstrosity.
  • FBI pays Twitter to cancel Hunter Biden sandal.
  • CDC recommends expensive new vaxs cancels cheap long standing safe effective treatments.
  • America's Southern Border is wide open.
  • Washington DC has spend us 31.5 Trillion in Debt.
  • That is $936,000 in debt for each Taxpayer. 1 Millon next. 
  • Inflation at a 40 year high.  Inflation hurts the poor the most. 
  • Huge gas price increase as soon as President Biden got into office.  He stopped Keystone Pipeline, oil and gas exploration.
  • Free Markets work much better than Goverment Mandates running our economy.

Mission: Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023 at 9 am Muster at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin

Execution: Engage our Allies with knowlegable and cheerful talk about Convention of States (COS). Deliver pre-packaged COS envelopes.  Each packet labeled with Legislator, Floor, Wing, Room number.  

Administration: Form Up by 9 am at Room 400 NE  (4th Floor North East)  Each person will be assgined a Floor and Wing.  And given a number of packets to deliver to our new Freshman Legislators. 

Logistics: Around Noon rendouvous at The Great Dane Brew & Pub 123 Doty Street for "Dutch Lunch"   It is "Dutch" (meaning you pay for yourself) The Great Dane Brew & Pub is north east from the Capitol, use King Street.  It is on the corner of Webster an Doty. 

Text Art Binhack when you have delivered all your envelopes.  Of when you get really hungry. 

Communications Plan: Art will text you to learn of your status.  If you can help call or text him at 262-930-1677 


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