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Published in Spread the Word on November 12, 2023 by Badger Patriot

Veterans serve us.  It sure sounds simple.  But it is not.  There are many aspects about how our United States Veterans serve us we need to acknowledge.  In this space we will identify just a few aspects.  We should try to do it every day.  It is that important.  

Do we truly consider the risks, and the work Vets do?  And how those risks and work can result in their own personal pain, tears, and mental anguish?  How each Veteran is willing to freely give of themselves for us. Veterans place themselves at risk for our sake.  They are even willing to sacrifice their life to protect us.  Even though they do not know us personally.  That kind of service is unique and precious.

They are thrust into many situations for our benefit.  There are the physical aspects.  Separation from their family.  Months of Boot Camp which transform their body.  Training and learning in our military today is mandatory and often lengthy.  Serving in our Military is often not a 9 to 5 job.  Places where Vets serve can be remote and challenging.  Difficult tasks are often required to be completed in a precise way.  

Veterans also are exposed to challenging mental aspects.  Their work can be boring, with the very real prospect of terror just a moment away.  Some of their experiences may be difficult to forget.  Or the opposite, the trauma is so significant that their brain chooses to block it out, for their own protection.   

Some of the risks Veterans endure can be mentally tough, which can last the rest of their life.  Statistics can tell us of the pain and death Veterans have experienced for us.  It is a horrific toll.  But there are also many Veterans who experience pain that does not show up in statistics.  They do not talk about those experiences for valid and real reasons.  We perhaps have all known Veterans that prefer to not re-live the mental pain they experienced while serving us.  May God bless them.  They truly give of themselves, serving us, in ways we cannot be aware of.

The type of service our Veterans give us also can help them grow in their future work careers, and personally as individuals.  We hope and pray this is the case with all Veterans.

When we take the time to consider just a few of ways Veterans serve us, it can help our own personal growth.  By producing a feeling of gratitude. The Service our Veterans give us is a precious gift to all Americans.



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