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Nebraska Debates "Epic Tax" Reform Bill

Published in Hottest Debate Coalitions on April 05, 2022 by Convention of States Nebraska

Have you heard about the "Epic Tax" proposal being debated in the Nebraska Unicameral? No? What is it?

  • Elimination of regressive income tax
  • Elimination of aggressive property tax
  • Transformation of the sales tax into a "consumption tax"

The Epic Tax taxes on services and new product purchases, similar to a sales tax, but on services too without worrying about a tax on used goods, property, or income!

Doesn't a consumption tax hurt the "poor" Nebraskans? NO! In fact, every Nebraskan gets a "credit" for purchases they need to make each month. The less fortunate an income, the more credit (up to certain limits). That credit can be used to purchase necessities in conjunction with WIC and other government food assistance.

More information can be found here: *

If you are ready to eliminate the complicated taxing in Nebraska, and ready to streamline Nebraska for families and job growth, you better contact your State Senator right NOW! Tell them to "pass the EPIC Tax Reform Bill"

Consider contacting these Senators ASAP, and tell them to support the EPIC Tax Reform Bill:

Email all the above by clicking HERE 

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