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Michigan Legislators Need To Hear You

Published in Hottest on January 15, 2018 by David P Schneider

Article V of the United States Constitution gives the States the power to call a Convention of States to PROPOSE amendments to the Constitution.  Term Limits, Balanced Budget, Repeal of the Income Tax are all some of the great possibilities through this process written right into the original text for States to use for when the federal government grew to become too big and unresponsive to we the PEOPLE.

Twelve states have already signed on, and now it is our time in Michigan! We need you to contact your State Represenative today!  HJR V (Michigan's application for a convention of states limited to placing further limits on the federal government) will be moving to the House floor in the near future, and your State Represenative needs to hear from you to help add Michigan to the 12 other States that have already joined. 

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