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Honk For Freedom

Published in Blog on November 30, 2022 by Lorna Corso

In life, we often find it easier to think about what is wrong. I believe that to address what is wrong, we first need to identify what is right.

Do you wonder why geese fly in a ‘V’ formation? As each goose flaps its wings, it gives a lift to the one immediately following which extends its flying range by 70%. The lead goose is working harder and when it becomes tired, he/she falls back into the formation and another goose takes its place.

Teamwork! As they fly, the geese are “honking” encouragement to one another.

There is a grassroots effort of people who love this country underway, the Convention of States Project. We are working toward a common goal -- to call for a Convention of States (COS).

Being a volunteer with COS is like being a member of a flock of geese. Here labels and generalizations fall away and are replaced with a focus on the task ahead. We remind one another of this and continually bring ourselves back to our common goal.

Here, differences of opinion are welcome. We strive to not live and work in an echo chamber. We use examples of Federal government, overreach, lack of fiscal responsibility, and inability to work together to achieve goals and legislation for the people who elected them. These are the things that are wrong in our country. We link those examples back to our main goals, to educate and remind citizens of the peril we face at this moment in time.

Here, we are a “flock” of Patriots who believe in upholding the Constitution. We are committed, sharing the work, and encouraging one another. To me, this feels right.

Join us in this work.

Commitment can be as simple as signing the petition calling on your state legislature to call for a Convention of States.

Or raise your hand and ask, “How can I be involved?” Contribute your time and talent to the effort as a volunteer.

You can educate yourself on the process and share what you learn with others. We provide education, training, and something that is priceless -  supporting and/or working alongside others who are committed to ensuring this great nation, founded on the Constitution, remains free. 

A Convention of the States is initiated by the state legislatures under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Thirty-four state legislatures must pass a resolution applying for a convention of states dealing with the same subject matter which comprises the following three resolutions:

1) impose fiscal restraints on the Federal government

2) limit the Federal Government’s power and jurisdiction

3) impose term limits on its Federal officials and members of Congress.

This is the path to return to the principles on which our Constitution was founded. It is a path back to freedom. 

Today, we have passed the application to call a Convention of States in 19 States. In six states, this application has passed in one house chamber. You will find us actively working with state legislative representatives and at any event where we can educate the public and answer questions throughout the United States. The current status can be found here.

If you insist on labels, label me a Patriot. Label me as someone who invests and works for freedom.

That freedom is mine. That freedom is yours. That freedom is the hope for our future generations.

Learn more at the Convention of the States website.

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