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Florida ready to take next step toward an Article V Convention of States

Published in Blog on November 08, 2018 by Michelle Laflamme

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Florida was one of the first states to embrace Convention of States, because state leaders saw the need for an intervention on D.C.

They took action back in 2014 by forming the Article V Working Group, a bipartisan, joint committee of 27 legislators that collaborated to get our Article V Convention of States resolution passed, passed a Faithful Delegate Act.

While other state COS teams throughout the nation are working hard to convince their state legislatures to follow Florida’s suit, our state leaders have more work to do before 34 states have declared their resolve to save this republic by holding a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to our United States Constitution.

Time to prepare

At this stage in the process, it is important that Florida ensures that it be prepared when the time comes to select and send commissioners to the convention. As the statutes and rules stand now, here in the state of Florida, there are questions and possible issues that need to be addressed.

For instance, there are specific terms and phrases in the existing law that leads to confusion and apprehension such as the words “constitutional convention” in the short title and use of the word “delegates” referring to those being sent to the convention.

We would like the Article V Working Group to consider questions like:

  • Is the number of commissioners to be sent to the convention going to be adequate, given the number of subject areas to be addressed in the call of the convention?
  • Should number sent be proportional to the scope of the work that is intended to be done?
  • What is the process by which commissioners will be chosen?
  • Will they be qualified and available for the demands that a convention will impose?
  • How will they apply and be considered?
  • Will the public have a role in their selection?
  • How will they be supported and monitored during the convention?
  • And under what circumstances would there be cause to recall them?

There are several more issues that must be considered and would be best worked out in a comprehensive set of laws put in place before an Article V Convention of States is be called. We would strive for these laws to be applicable to any Article V effort.

How you can help

Our first step is to encourage members of the Florida legislature to re-institute the Article V Working Group and add additional members to replace those who have moved on or termed out. We would then want them to begin the process of conceptualizing and drafting a comprehensive bill that would make Florida well-prepared to participate in an Article V Convention of States.

One of our organization’s strategies toward productive influence with our state lawmakers is to build a rapport with them through maintaining a constant presence and interaction that will foster familiarity and a positive relationship between our esteemed statesmen and COS.

We are looking for people who are willing and able to visit our legislators in their district offices and be a friendly reminder to them that we are a growing grassroots army of self-governing citizen activists.

We want to make it clear that we intend to see our state at the forefront of this monumental effort in turning our country around by reigning in an out-of-control federal government through an Article V Convention of States.

Raise your hand and your voice and tell us, “I’m in.”

Go to this link and tell us how you’d like to be involved. Maybe you’d like to be a member of our COS team that is tasked with keeping fellow patriots informed on legislative activity, especially on matters involving the Convention of State Project.

If that’s the case, please go to this link to sign up to be a part of our COS Legislative Liaison Team, which is just a fancy name for engaged self-governing citizens who know how important is to interface with our state legislators.

Help us write what could be the brightest chapter in our nation’s history. We will offer all the instruction and encouragement you need to take part in this most important mission.

Click here to get involved!
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