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Convention of States Foundation announces HISTORIC event

Published in Hottest Blog on June 05, 2023 by Jakob Fay

History is about to change.

This August, delegates representing all 50 states will gather in Colonial Williamsburg for an Article V simulated convention.    

As we draw nearer to the 34-state threshold needed to call the first-ever actual interstate convention, our movement is hard at work to ensure that the nation is ready for such a momentous occasion.

Never in American history have we fully implemented the Founder’s brilliant Article V solution to government overreach (although we have come close). At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, our forefathers unanimously empowered the states with the ability to call a convention as a check and balance on federal power. It is a great tragedy that we have not exercised that power before now.  

But thanks to Convention of States Foundation and our incredible grassroots army, the Founder’s Article V vision for America is bound to be realized.

The 2023 Simulated Article V Convention will show not only how a convention would work but also how it could curb federal corruption. Commissioner will work diligently to craft, discuss, and vote on proposed amendments that enact term limits, impose a balanced budget, and limit the scope, power, and jurisdiction of the federal government.

“The 2023 Simulated Article V Convention will be history in the making,” explained Convention of States Foundation President Mark Mecker. “We’re offering the American people a glimpse into a process the Founders themselves designed. We’re showing them that a convention really does work, and it’s the solution to the problems confronting our nation. Anyone remotely interested in the Constitution, American history, or saving liberty should be interested in this event.”

In addition to deliberating over amendments, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from Colonial Williamsburg’s character actor, Founding Father George Washington.

Everything about this event—from the venue to the mission—is historic in nature. Indeed, it will be remembered as a turning point in our history and the Convention of States Foundation movement. We can already foresee that the spirit of liberty and self-governance will be reignited. Moreover, it will serve as a reminder that we are one step closer to realizing the Founders’ vision for Article V.

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