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Call to Action by Rep. Quam at Rochester Town Hall

Published in Blog on October 16, 2019 by Edward Douglas Thompson

The Rochester town hall took place on Saturday, October 12, and the chief author of the Convention of States House resolution bill (HF 855) Representative Duane Quam gave an inspiring speech to end with a bang.

District Captain Kevin Fuhrman presented with an informed professionalism in a disarming, "let's-have-a-conversation-about-this" tone.

People felt comfortable asking questions, and it led to some of the most successful outreach ever made at a town hall to date.

State Director Jackie Burns helped field questions, advertised the need for District Captains, explained what a citizen activist looks like (check in the mirror!), and shared both our mission statement and our aspirational goals (including her favorite: "Inspire a political and spiritual awakening in America").

She also gave an update on progress with regard to cards sent out to legislators: 500 cards so far this year!

This is an amazing accomplishment, owing to all of the help in creating these town hall events. The town hall also netted 10 new petition signers--almost a third of those attending!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped make these town halls possible.

Speaking of which, Call Commando Cheryl Rogers was brought up to the front in order to receive an award from Jackie for her exemplary service as a Call Commando. Cheryl even went so far as to send personal emails to those she could not get a hold of on the phone (even though that was not required).

Thank you, Cheryl!

Representative Duane Quam, who is the chief author of the Convention of States House resolution bill, then gave an inspiring speech about regular people stepping up to the challenge when in dire times. You could call it his "Step Up" speech:

When we have horrible weather here, or there's a flood, or somebody is stuck in a snow bank, we get together and we do something. And because the circumstances require it, Americans step up. And when you're at an entity like a convention and you see what this can do for generations to come, I think the people involved--regular human beings--they step up. They put aside the trivial and they work together for the common good. And that's why I have a positive outlook on what can happen and on what can come out of this. Because, in our history, we have come and we have stepped up and we did what needed to be done.

You can watch the video of the town hall at the Facebook link below, but let's share just one more gem delivered by Rep. Quam:

The Constitution is about principles and mechanisms to allow us to have a governance that the people deserve.

Our Mission: Build an Engaged Army of Self-Governing Grassroots Activists.

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