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Uncategorized Content

The 3,000 Page Constitution

Published in Uncategorized on May 02, 2018 by Convention Of States Project

You might be surprised to learn that the federal government does, by-and-large, follow the US Constitution–but not the one that was penned in 1787. “Congress does follow the written Constitution,” said Gary Porter, who serves as the Executive Director of the Constitutional Leadership Initiative. He pulled a small booklet from his...

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Now it's Time To Drain The Swamp Ourselves

Published in Uncategorized on April 19, 2018 by Michael Sean Tranchina

“What’s the right fight when it seems like there are just so many fights? I want you to focus on one thing...If you are serious about saving the nation, this is the best way to do it.” Sean Hannity For more than twenty years, Sean Hannity has filled the radio airwaves and Fox News channel with conservative news and commentary. Now,...

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