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US Government “Household”

Published in Blog on April 30, 2024 by Krista Muenzer

Most people in this situation would declare bankruptcy to remove the debt and legal obligations and stop spending money beyond their means.  If they didn’t, they'd lose their house, and a court would garnish their wages forcing them to begin to pay off their debt.

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Liberty Amendments Book - Blog Series #5 - Chapter 4 - SCOTUS Term Limits and Ruling Overrides

Published in Blog on April 29, 2024 by Peter Spung

The Liberty Amendments book, by Mark Levin, has been foundational to the Convention of States (COS) movement. Through a series of articles, I hope to convey Mark Levin's major messages and inspire you to read this book. I also hope to inspire you and others to engage in the COS project. We need you to join its underlying and growing gr...

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Our Military is Underfunded--Again

Published in Blog on April 28, 2024 by Susan Quinn

If citizens believe that diplomacy is not enough to keep our country safe, it is their duty to communicate with their representatives about spending priorities.

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The Hispanic Gift

Published in Blog on April 24, 2024 by Bruce Brown

"What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the federal police to just go away? Is there another country to flee away to for the best use of your heritage, after spending perhaps generations here? Canada, perhaps?"

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