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WI Assembly Floor Vote

How many people do you predict will be attending the WI Assembly session with you on Tuesday, 2/18/2020 which begins at 1pm? AJR 77 is scheduled last. The time is not certain. (If any the others might RSVP here, please don't include them. Scroll down and click the 'complete survey' button.)

We're meeting in Room 415NW anytime after 9am and before 1pm to pass out buttons & literature, help people visit their state senators' offices, learn the rules of the assembly gallery/balcony, eat lunch, etc. We just learned there won't be any chairs in the only room available due to the many meetings occurring that day. If you're looking to carpool, there are 5 people to contact around the state listed in (which should return after you hit 'complete survey').

Convention of states action

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