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Why a Convention of States will protect our gun rights

Published in Blog on March 12, 2022 by Kristi Stroeh

Our Second Amendment rights have constantly been critiqued and questioned, and there are many groups, including the John Birch Society, that accuse the Convention of States (COS) movment of being against the 2nd Amendment.

How does the Convention of States movement really feel about the right to keep and  bear arms? Is there really a question about COS not supporting the Second Amendment?

COS wants to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. They have shown this by so many different actions across the country which not only support but also encourage people to act on their gun rights.

In Rhode Island in September 2021, there was a celebration of gun rights and ownership. COS was there to show that they support our rights to own guns. In Arizona in February 2021, COS attended a Second Amendment rally to show their support and show how COS wants to preserve the Second Amendment.

Missouri has been been in a big fight against federal overreach regarding gun rights, but it is a state that passed COS resolution in their legislature, with no fear that COS is going to change the 2nd Amendment.

And here in Minnesota, COS has a presence at many gun shows and receives many of their petitioners from these gun shows. Gun activists know and see the benefits of controlling the power of the federal government.

States like Texas, North Dakota, Missouri, Alaska, Nebraska, and Oklahoma have all passed the COS resolution with no fear of losing 2nd Amendment rights.

Charles J Cooper, a lawyer and named one of the 10 best civil litigators in Washington, wrote an article, stating how the Convention of States will actually protect gun rights.

He said, “the real threat to our constitutional rights today is posed not by an Article V Convention of the States, but by an out-of-control federal government, exercising powers that it does not have and abusing powers it does."

He attended the COS Leaders Summit of 2019, and here is a short (two-minute) video of him addressing the real threat to the Second Amendment, a Supreme Court attempting to reinterpret what it says:

A Convention of States does not want to change the Second Amendment but wants to put a stop to federal overreach. This includes bringing some accountability even to the Supreme Court, as Chuck Cooper conveys as being something sorely needed.

With the three topics which COS resolves to have discussed in convention -- regulatory overreach, fiscal responsibility, and term limits -- these could only limit the federal government from taking away our gun rights and our other rights which are protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Who is really trying to take away our gun rights: The people in Congress trying to demonize gun owners and creating all kinds of laws and regulatory hoops for gun owners to jump through, or an organization that wants to limit the power of the federal government regarding controlling every aspect of our lives?

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