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WATCH: State Rep. says Convention of States can be done

Published in Blog on September 07, 2023 by Article V Patriot

State Rep. Linda Massimilla of New Hampshire attended Convention of States Foundation’s Simulated Article V Convention last month and offered glowing praise of the process.

“The big thing is, we found out that there is a lot of common ground, especially on this subject,” said Massimilla, a Democrat. Despite being in the minority politically, she noted that fellow commissioners were “very respectful” of her beliefs. Ultimately, this confirms that an Article V convention truly would be a bipartisan experience, producing amendments in the best interest of the American people at large, not just one political party.

Massimilla explained she hopes the Simulation demonstrates to the nation that, despite fears about a “runaway convention,” the Article V process is thoughtful and not “frivolous.” 

“I think that people will see that [a convention] can be focused," she said, "it can be well-run, it can be thoughtful, and people can debate and debate respectfully, and that you can have a final product at the end."

Don't miss the rest of Rep. Linda Massimilla’s interview below:

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