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WATCH: God has His hand on us

Published in Blog on October 16, 2023 by Article V Patriot

Was our Constitution divinely inspired? No question, Louisiana Rep. Woody Jenkins affirmed at the Simulated Article V Convention held in August. 

We have over 200 years of history to prove that it was; this nation unique in the history of the world giving us liberty and justice. Can it be changed? Of course. The founders decided almost immediately to change it when they added the Bill of Rights – and they added Article V to make it possible to make changes in the future.

An Article V convention is "really a check on Congress, where Congress is the problem or part of the problem," Jenkins explained to the commissioners. "The people can bypass Congress to make the changes and that's really why we're here, to see if that can work. I believe it can. I think God has his hand on us."


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