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Want to be part of a GAME-CHANGER for Idaho?

Published in Blog on February 07, 2018 by Kyle Key

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The Idaho team is at the vanguard of a powerful weapon for powerful change. 

So much of what we need to do to pass our Article V resolution in the Idaho legislature involves communication--with legislators, with other volunteers, and with new petition-signers. Right now, we have an immediate need to communicate with our legislators in the House State Affairs Committee.

What if there was a tool which would make all of that communication powerfully quick, efficient, and responsive?

There is.

It is called TelePatriot, a phone app for Android and iPhone users developed by Texas District Captain Brent Dunklau. 

It's like COS in your pocket.

The app allows for names and numbers of legislators, volunteers, and potential volunteers to be loaded up and shared among any number of TelePatriot users. Together as a Phone Warriors team, we will...

  • Call legislators to get their current stance on the Convention of States resolution.

  • Recruit new volunteers among our thousands of petition signers, finding active volunteerism amidst passive support.

  • Make three-way calls to petition signers and their state legislators, easily connecting them directly to show their support for Convention of States.

  • Make calls to volunteers to spread the word about Convention of States events.

  • And more!

Are you interested in volunteering in this simple, easy, but tremendously powerful way? Put the power of self-governance in the palm of your hand! Make sure you have first signed the petition and then email with your full name and phone number today, and we'll call you about becoming a Phone Warrior today!

Click here to get involved!
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