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Victory in Arizona: House passes Convention of States application

Published in Blog on July 16, 2017 by Nancy French

Great news! Thanks to your calls and emails, the Arizona House passed the Convention of States application (HCR 2027) on March 12 by a vote of 32-25.

“We can’t continue to tinker around the edges of the problem,” said Yale Wishnick, the state director for the Arizona Convention of States Project. “It’s time to support a real, effective means to stop the power-hungry federal government, and Arizona House representatives have done that today. By passing HCR 2027, we’re one step closer to halting the massive federal bureaucracy and allowing families and individuals the opportunity to control their own lives.”

“Now is the time for bold steps by our state leaders in the Arizona senate,”  Wishnick continued.  “Arizona state senators have an opportunity to restore our personal freedom and economic liberty by supporting HCR 2027.”

We’re incredibly proud of our team in The Grand Canyon State.  You can join the team in your state by signing up on this page.  The Convention of States movement is sweeping the nation, and you have the opportunity to be a part of history.

But we’re not finished yet.  Our application in Arizona must overcome several more hurdles, and you can do three things to help complete the process.

First, please contact Senate President Andy Biggs and encourage him to assign our application (HCR 2027) to the Government Committee.  You can give him a call or send him a note like the one below:

Dear Senator Biggs,

Thank you for fighting for liberty in Arizona throughout your career. Please continue this fight by assigning the Convention of States application (HCR 2027) to the Government Committee.

I want the Arizona Senate to have the opportunity to reflect the will of the people by passing the Convention of States application. I believe this is the last, best chance to preserve liberty, and I respectfully request that you allow our application to be discussed by members of the Arizona Senate.


[Your Name]

Second, you can contact your state senator and ask him or her to support HCR 2027.  If you live in Arizona, give your state senator a call or write him or her a quick note.

Finally, you can contact your state senator through social media.  We’ve published a list of the Arizona senator’s Twitter handles so those of you on Twitter can easily send your state senator a quick note.  You can write your own or use the sample below.

“@AZStateSenator please vote for HCR 2027! This country needs a #ConventionofStates to get back on track.”

Your hard work made the difference in the Arizona House, and we can do the same thing in the senate!  You call, letter, or tweet can tip the balance in our favor, so pick up the phone today.

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