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The need for an Article V Convention became exceedingly clear.

Published in Blog on June 11, 2024 by Ruth Hoskins

After listening to a news clip of James Comey, the Former FBI Director, who was fired by President Trump in 2016 for the mishandling of Hillary Clinton's emails, when he said, "We  can never let Former President Trump return to the White House for another term." A light bulb came on, and it became exceedingly clear that someone (a bureaucrat) was speaking for me. 

Who is the "We," I wondered.

Comey was not speaking and deciding for me or most people supporting a popular candidate in a run to be the next President of the United States in 2024. When the former FBI Director spoke, I was viewing an arrogant man. A person who had once been anointed with power was now making statements that he hoped would be fact. "We can never let Former President Trump return to the White House for another term."

It is "We the People" who vote, I thought to myself, and even though I have been involved in Convention of States Action for over four years, organizing vendor tables and getting petition signers and volunteers to join COSA PA's volunteer grassroots army—leading monthly SE PA Convention of States Action meetings—talking about Article V, going to the Capitol in Harrisburg on Surge days and handing out literature and talking to legislatures about the need for a more limited government and a balanced budget. At that moment, when I listened to former FBI Director James Comey speak, something shifted inside me. I saw what Convention of States Action was fighting for at a deeper level than I had ever seen before. 

It was like a black-and-white TV had turned to color. 

The former FBI director's hypocrisy, arrogance, and elitism were apparent when he spoke. Government agency officials create regulations and speak to "We the People." To that end, we have lost our Constitutional Republic's message and voice.

The Framers of our Constitution had foresight, which is why they included the Article V convention of states for proposing amendments.

An Article V Convention is how to restore our Constitutional Republic to sanity.

Thank you, Founding Fathers and George Mason, for proposing Article V to bring back the voices of "We the People" so that we can be heard above the din of government bureaucracy, tyranny, and overreach.

An Article V convention of states for proposing amendments is the tool to restore our Constitutional Republic and return the power to the People.

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