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The BattleCry: Don't ever give in to the darkness

Published in Blog on November 06, 2023 by Article V Patriot

Whatever is going on in your own life, stay the course. Whatever's going on politically in the country, stay the course. Stay in the fight and know that you could be just moments away from that breakthrough that you've been looking for.

For Convention of States, significant triumphs have come in the past two weeks, as Mark Meckler spotlighted on The BattleCry. From Speaker of the House Mike Johnson's strong support for COS to The Heritage Foundation president offering his full endorsement of the grassroots movement, things are headed in a positive direction. 

"If you're like me, rely on your faith, pray a lot know that God's with you all the way, even in the valley of darkness. And you're going to come out the other side if you lean in and stay the course," Meckler encouraged. 


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