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Texas Call to Action: Senate State Affairs Committee

Published in Blog on July 18, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

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We now have 5 days to get a hearing scheduled in the Senate State Affairs Committee for HJR 77 (the referred House bill), the Convention of States Article V Resolution. We are optimistic, as the bill got read in the Senate late Friday afternoon and was then referred to the State Affairs Committee.

The ONLY WAY we will get this bill heard is if we make some serious noise to committee members—and the Lt. Governor. We have come too far and spent hundreds of hours calling, emailing and walking the Capitol to stop now.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, e:, t: 512-463-0001

Last week your voices were heard and our bill passed in the House.

THIS IS IT. ON TO THE SENATE. Your calls and emails are needed to secure a Senate ‘State Affairs Committee’ hearing for HJR77.

BE NICE AND RESPECTFUL. Last week our opposition sent disparaging emails to several House members posing as Convention of States supporters. COS SUPPORTERS DO NOT USE BULLYING TACTICS.

Please Call and Email these ‘State Affairs’ Committee members.

Chairwoman, Joan Huffman (SD-17), R, e:, t: 512-463-0117

Senator Craig Estes, (SD-30), R, e:, t:  512-463-0130

Senator Troy Fraser, (SD-24), R, e:, t: 512-463-0124

Senator Brian Birdwell, (SD-22), R, e: brian.birdwell@senate.state.tx.us512-463-0122

Senator Jane Nelson, (SD12), R, e:, t: 512-463-0112

Senator Brandon Creighton, (SD-4), R,, t:  512-463-0104

Senator Charles Schwertner, (SD-5), R,, t:  512-463-0105

Senator Judith Zaffirini, (SD-21), D, e:, t: 512-463-0121

Senator Rodney Ellis, (SD-13_, D, e:, t: 512-463-0113

Thank you for taking a few minutes TODAY to make calls and send emails asking legislators to support HJR77 and schedule a hearing in the State Affairs Committee.

Click here to get involved!
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