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A Win for the Kentucky Team!

Published in Blog on August 29, 2021 by Brett Greene

The Kentucky team is moving the line!

Seventy plus volunteers showed up at the Kentucky State Fair on August the 26th for the State Government Interim Joint Committee meeting to, as Chairman Kevin Bratcher stated, "show our colors!"

Prior to our meeting, our volunteers were approached by many of the fairs attendees to find out who we were and what we do. Of course, we filled them in on Article V, the Convention of States Action resolution and how there is a solution to our overreaching government and that our Kentucky legislators hold the key.

The COS team was well received by most of our state legislators and the mood in the room was electric! This is a testament to the Kentucky volunteers and its state leaders for staying the course throughout the good times, as well as the bad, and to the 35,000+ petition signers.

The Kentucky state legislature can no longer ignore the fact that the residents of the Commonwealth want an end to the tyrannical federal government in DC and day by day, more and more of our residents learn there is something they can do. 

To all of our patriotic petition signers and their support, thank you!

Thank you to those Kentucky volunteers and state leaders for staying in the trenches. Thank you, Mary Jo Wedding our humble leader and State Director, Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States Action and Grant Martin, our Regional Direct for their support and energy they brought to this event. 

A special thanks to Chairman, Representative Kevin Bratcher for putting COS on the agenda and Representative Matt Lockett, our COS  legislative champion who believes that the time to act is NOW!

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