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WATCH: COS takes media by storm

Published in Blog on April 22, 2024 by Article V Patriot

Convention of States grassroots supporters are turning out in droves to champion Article V as COS takes state legislatures across America by storm. To stay in the know about our relentless legislative efforts and advocacy, tune in weekly to COS NOW, a video recap highlighting the most significant COS-related news of the week. Alternatively, catch up on these updates right here on the COS blog.

1. In the News: "We are SICK of the SAME Garbage" in D.C.

Convention of States “is bipartisan because people who are Republicans and people who are Democrats, they’re all sick of the same garbage,” said Real America’s Voice host Amanda Head in an interview with Mark Meckler.

Watch the full interview here.

2. The Establishment is AFRAID of Convention of States

Radio host Mandy Connell recently confessed that she “dismissed [Convention of States] out of hand for a long time. But what else are we going to do? We keep electing people who go to D.C. and promise to change things, but then… they just become part of the Swamp.”

3. Renowned columnist hails COS as remedy for Tax Day

“Governance” in America has devolved into a cash-grab scheme by which corrupt politicians seize boatloads of money to fund their favorite pet projects. The Founders never intended for the system to work this way.

Renowned columnist Cal Thomas recently penned an op-ed criticizing Washington for neglecting the Founders’ principles. Fortunately, he highlighted that the Founders also provided a solution.

4. Meckler, Green highlight tour of the West

The West has long held a cherished place in the literary and cultural imagination of Americans. It is a region of brave exploration and fierce independence, reimagining and renewal — a topographical wonderland that is a physical manifestation of opportunity and possibility even in the face of daunting challenge.

Watch the full episode of COS NOW below for more!

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