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Shining as We Should

Published in Blog Hottest on September 29, 2021 by Dakota Windancer

Floridians are proving on a daily basis that we will stand up, speak up, and show up, to keep our liberty! We are a citizenry of powerful and passionate people invested with more than lip service, in the socio/political affairs and capabilities of our fine state!

The volunteer works of Florida's Convention of States has been so effective that the opposition is rearing its head in the attempt to rescind Florida's 2014 application for a Convention of States. 

Now is our time to shine as we should, not playing small and shrinking in the face of threat, but manifest the glory of God within us and standing firm with faith in action!

Florida Convention of States is a pejorative to the factions that want a larger more centralized government who gets to decide what is best for you and I. Why else would they want to rescind the application?

Leadership is asking with all earnestness that everyone make themselves available and meet up at the rallying point on Monday October 4th, 2021 5:30pm sharp, at the Collier County Commission Chambers Administration Bldg. 3299 Tamiami Trail East in Naples Florida.

Can you see with the eyes of your heart that together in one awesome mass of unity, we can set off a political sequence comparable to the first shot heard around the world?

These moments are why we signed the petition and became volunteers. These are the moments that will define our resolve, and statesmanship.

Many in number...smiles on our faces, and hymns in our heart, let us model political eloquence by showing up fully confidant that we as the majority shall not shrink- we happily answer the call to our personal hero's journey, and that of affecting the future generations! 

Doing this, we emulate and replicate our Forefather's spirit and intent while they made 13 Colonies into one great nation. 


We are already Patriots... We now have the opportunity for elevating ourselves as statesmen!


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