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Published in Solution on June 08, 2023 by David Landry

How can ordinary citizens affect the governance of this great land? How can we be active participants in the restoration of this nation to constitutional fidelity?

Forces determined to undermine the vision of our Constitution’s framers have been busy for over a century picking at the scabs of misunderstandings and divisions, driving our society further and further from its founding principles.

Is there a way to return our nation to its original path?

Fortunately, our founders perceived such a day when these measures would be needed. Their provision was nestled within Article V - the amendment process. The second method of amending our US Constitution is for the legislatures of our states to pass resolutions calling for a convention of the states for the express and specific intention to propose amendments.

Convention of States Action is an organization of concerned citizens intent on petitioning our state legislatures for just such a convention.

With that said, what are we to do while we wait for millions of our fellow citizens to become concerned enough to jump on board? Is there no recourse in the meantime?

There are many ways that we can become involved with Convention of States Action, using our knowledge and talents in patriotic service to our states and our nation. 

Our government was never meant to be a top-down affair. We were never meant to serve dictators. Our government has been described as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” 

If “We the People” are not active in our governance, we will have forsaken this call to self-government. We will have resigned ourselves to tyranny.

Through association with Convention of States Action, we can learn of ways to affect our elected officials and thereby have that influence cascade throughout the bureaucracies in the restoration of self-government principles.

Please visit us at the Convention of States, get involved, 

and Sign Petition

God bless you, Dave

“Duty is ours, results are God’s” John Quincy Adams

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