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Republicans running out of time to "fix" Obamacare

Published in Blog on July 17, 2017 by Convention Of States Project

The struggle to replace Obamacare continues, but Republicans may be running out of time.

Insurance companies are threatening to either raise premiums or leave the exchanges if Congress doesn’t cough up the “cost-sharing” subsidies promised in the Obamacare bill. One insurer in California is saying that premiums could rise by as much as 49 percent.

Unfortunately, these subsidies are likely unconstitutional, and two House committees have filed a lawsuit. According to the suit, Obama was trying to fund the program without receiving permanent appropriation from Congress, and now Congress is refusing to send insurance companies any more taxpayer dollars.

The GOP can’t find a solution to the healthcare dilemma because the federal government was never designed to manage a national healthcare system. And yet, despite Obamacare’s disastrous results, Republicans are looking to replace the system rather than get rid of it altogether.

The American people know the correct course of action, and they’re pursuing it themselves.

An Article V Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that return the federal government to its original, limited power and jurisdiction. If Obamacare taught us anything, it’s that the feds are woefully incapable of managing the daily lives of the American people. Washington needs to return to defending the country and protecting liberty, and allow We the People to handle our own business.



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