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Reviving America: A Parent and Salesman's Call to Action

Published in Blog on May 09, 2024 by Michelle Grimes

A Pitch for Action

Being a parent has a way of engendering a deeper sense of purpose and passion to make a difference. For Kalispell, Montana sales professional Gordon Lister, these sentiments arose thanks to his beloved 13-year-old son, and like most parents, he is willing to do what it takes to give his son the best life and enjoy the American dream.

However, with the federal government spiraling out of control, raising taxes, compromising national security, and mitigating job opportunities for future generations, Lister’s son, along with future generations of Americans, are in a national predicament exacerbating by the minute. Many discouraged Americans have become hopeless, yet unaware of the best solution to restore America.


This solution was revealed to Lister after watching an interview of the CEO of Convention of States (COS), Mark Meckler. Meckler explained that calling an Article V convention  would provide state legislators the opportunity to propose amendments to the constitution to limit the federal government and give power back to the states. Lister realized that a lack of awareness was a silent culprit damaging the country’s optimism and became impassioned to learn more about COS and join the team. Taking action would pave the way for a better future for his son and the rest of America. 

Teaming Up

Lister joined the team as a District Captain, shepherding volunteers and assisting at regional COS conventions. Using his sales knowledge, Lister understood that people have a limited attention span and are more likely to remember information when it is presented in straightforward chunks and appeal to the audience’s return on investment. Therefore, Lister pursued the idea of periodically sending emails to volunteers with short videos explaining the COS cause and other details. Additionally, he also aimed to answer questions directly instead of redirecting people to the COS website.

Sealing the Deal

Volunteering with COS is not solely limited to individuals working in politics or law. Success for COS is rooted in the grassroots team, composed of Americans from all backgrounds and professions, and helps to contribute multiple perspectives and skill sets to the cause.

Americans that are slowly waking up to the reality of the circumstances gives Lister hope, especially the youth. He is convinced that as more Americans awaken, more action can be taken, and he is determined to continue persuading people to get involved in the cause for hope. Lister knows that change doesn’t start with waiting for others to change, it starts with himself.

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