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New tool for COS presentations unveiled at Coon Rapids Town Hall

Published in Hottest Blog on January 26, 2019 by Edward Douglas Thompson

The Coon Rapids town hall on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, Jan. 21st) was the fourth in a series of Convention of States town halls in Minnesota and, with 26 attendees, was evidence of sustained momentum in the Minnesota grassroots efforts!

Much thanks and praise goes out to the COS volunteers who performed the needed outreach in terms of phone calls, emails, and town hall "mentions" on social media. Without this necessary groundwork, our message would not get out to the public.

District Captain Kevin Fuhrman hosted the town hall and was the first person to use the new presentation software put together by COS Marketing Specialist Kyle Key. Kevin hit on all the key points and gave a solid presentation in his first time presenting.

After the presentation, Kevin handed the floor over to State Director Jackie who characteristically showed her passion for a Convention of States while also sharing important details and information with regard to the upcoming Rally at the State Capitol on Feb. 11th.

To see the video of the town hall on Facebook, click below.

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